it takes two flints to make a fire

-Louisa May Alcott


Michelle Anderson spent 30 years working in the Life Insurance Industry in Sales Management, her final job as a Divisional Sales Manager. Throughout her life, she has loved perfume and the scents of the world. On her final day at work, December 31, 2016, Michelle’s boss asked her what she was going to do in retirement. “I’m not sure”, she said, “something fun”. He then suggested that she consider the fragrance world. He said, “my wife loves all the suggestions you make for her perfume choices. You know all the underlying ingredients and you always have an unusual and beautiful fragrance floating around you.” She thought about it for awhile. Then, she decided to take his advice and combine her first love, her passion for the northwest where she lives, with the evocative art and science of perfumery.

For her, it has been an inspiring journey. Gathering together artists, chemists and engineers to create a tribute to the natural beauty of the land where she grew up has been an effort touched by a bit of the divine. It has also been a great adventure and an introduction into a new phase of her life.



Phil Anderson is an accomplished pilot and photographer. He began his flying career in Pensacola, Florida where he received his Navy wings in 1978. He became he became a Topgun Instructor in 1983, flying the A-4 Sky Hawk in VF-45 where he met his wife, Michelle. Following his naval career, Phil became an International Airline Pilot, flying for Northwest Airlines and retiring from Delta Airlines in 2013. As an amateur photographer, Phil enjoyed taking photos from cockpits of airplanes, fascinated with the perspective of altitude in his life and on film. Retirement gave him a chance to devote himself more fully to his craft, attending the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2014. He now divides his time between flying a corporate jet and taking pictures of his favorite place, the Pacific Northwest.


Kathlyn Kinney fell in love with Spokane when she moved here from Bellingham in 2014. She has inhabited Washington State most of her life apart from a six-year sojourn in Europe as a child, whose cathedrals and castles made a lasting impression on her art. Upon her return to the US, old warehouses and abandoned grain elevators became her new cathedrals and castles. Between graduating from Western Washington University and earning her sustainable business degree on Bainbridge Island, she apprenticed with a master luthier, learning to hand-carve harps in the backwoods of Kentucky. Now living on the west side of Spokane in Browne’s Addition, one of her favorite places to wander is along the banks of the Latah Creek where it converges with the Spokane River, overarched by monumental bridges and towering pines.



Robbi Anthony is a designer and developer based in Spokane, Washington. She loves the Pacific Northwest and has been thrilled to contribute to Rare Ayre and Michelle’s vision for the fragrance.


Cécile Hua was born in Marseille, France and knew by the age of 7 that she was destined to become a perfumer. After earning a Master’s Degree in Chemistry to lay the foundation of her technical knowledge for perfume creation, Cécile was chosen to attend the invitation-only Givaudan Perfumery School in Grasse, where she furthered her understanding of creative fragrance development. This background is a shot of the last place I discovered in my hometown of Marseille: it’s a museum built in 2013 on the water and it is surrounded by this laced concrete. The views from inside and out still haunt me with their beauty, I find it beyond words: it makes me feel small and at the same time fills me with extraordinary ideas, very inspiring yet humbling… I love it