About Us

The joy of remembering

I quit my corporate job when I was 57 after I working at the same company for almost 30 years.  It wasn’t a bad place to work, I just had enough of it.  The worst part of it was that I spent most of the time missing my home in the Pacific Northwest and waiting for summer vacation to visit north Idaho for a few weeks at the lake.

So, without much soul searching, I threw away my business suits and moved back.

For six months, I did nothing.  Well, that’s not really true, I kicked the dog around, yelled at my husband and tried to garden.

I thought about doing charity work, but I have to be honest, I like to get a check for my toils.  I considered getting a job at the supermarket as a cashier, just so I could get out and “meet” people but then it occurred to me that I was only gregarious on my own time.   I kicked around teaching at the local college, thought about writing a book or getting an MBA but again, I discovered those things were hobbies, not something I wanted to brand with my heart.

Then, I had an epiphany.   I wanted to transfer my years of “longing to be somewhere else” into a bottle.  I wanted to make perfume that smelled like home.

So, I did.  I still have the napkin where I wrote my plan.

This is my life’s work.  It is the culmination of a lot of things that are close to my heart, the smell of cedar on a northern Idaho lake morning, a warm glass of wine by a winter fire, explosions of lilacs on the first breath of Spring and the  piney smoke in the golden halo of Fall.  I love every one of these fragrances.

When I am gone, at least five generations of my family will have made a home here in the northwest, including my two Northwest-loving daughters.  We are terminal captives, enjoying each season as it brings its own brand of beauty to the land.  Rare Ayre fragrance is a tribute to my home and all its faces.  May it inspire your next adventure and help you to remember your last.